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Thinking means venturing beyond.

Ernst Bloch

The key milestones

  • Founder and Managing Director of FENZAU & Company
    Inspired Market Access Solutions!
  • Director Market Access & Public Affairs, member of the management teams at Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH and member of the board at the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI e.V.)
  • Prior to this, Bristol-Myers Squibb: Director Market Access
  • Head of Healthcare Affairs at Roche Diagnostics GmbH and board member of the German Diagnostics Industry Association (VDGH – Verband der Diagnostica-Industrie)
  • Manager Health Care Politics – ESSEX Pharma
  • Secretary General and Head of Communications at German Red Cross, Berlin Regional Association
  • Deputy Departmental Head for Key Social Policy Issues at AOK Berlin – one of the largest statutory health insurance funds in Germany